Cystic Acne, Black Head and Pimple Treatments


You can get rid of acne and see radical results in as little as three days and look almost completely different in two weeks if you have a serious acne problem.

Sugar and Carb:

The number one villain that will cause acne on your skin is excess sugar and carb consumption. If you’re eating potato chips, that’s excess carbs, white bread and wheat bread.

If you’re drinking soda, that’s the worst of the worst offenders. Pizza, all those types of foods, crackers. You know, all these foods that are really high in sugar and carbs, you know, fruit, snacks, things like that. These foods are really high in sugar. You’ve got to eliminate the sugar and carb.

Conventional Dairy Products:

conventional dairy products. Ditch those if you’re going to do dairy. Make sure it’s a fermented dairy product like a grass-fed organic yoghurt or key for much better options.

But in general, stay away from regular milk products. Stay away from cheeses. So here are some other holistic treatments that you can use topically and naturally to fight acne fast.

Skin Brushing:

You can actually do some skin brushing can be beneficial. And if you want to learn more about skin brushing.

Doing bentonite clay, mixing it with water and doing a clay mask can help detox your skin. This is especially good for treating blackheads.

Gluten and Wheat:

You want to get rid of the gluten and wheat we don’t consume wheat bread products, instead of you’re going to consume, you know, grains, do something made with oat flour or rice flour are much better options.

You know, the other issue with gluten wheat is they cause a lot of inflammation. Remember, I talked about inflammation along with hormone imbalance, along with too many bad oils, along with bad bacteria.

All of those things in combination create acne again. Sugar causes inflammation. Gluten causes inflammation.

Essential Oils:

Essential oils. Here’s what I’d recommend. Make a blend of Manute honey or local honey and tea tree oil. Tea tree oils, also known as melaleuca mix.

Tea tree oil with honey. Rub it on your face. Let it sit there for two minutes and rinse it off. Essential oils are powerful up fighting acne, especially tea tree oil and the nuke.

Essential oil. Two of the most powerful lavender can also be beneficial, as can others. But again, tea tree oil. Probably the best. Number two. Here’s a tip.

Don’t wear makeup to bed. Now, guys, most of you don’t need to worry about that. But women, you always want to cleanse your face with a natural cleanser before going to bed. Do not wear makeup to bed. Number three, skin brushing.

Pop Pimples:

Do not pop your pimples. This is big. A lot of times we pop pimples that can create scarring and more inflammation in the area. Instead, take a hot or warm compress with a little bit of tea tree oil and that hot or warm compress.

Keep the area warm and moist. Do that instead. Dry the area out of that oil. Don’t pop those pimples.

Gentle Detergents:

Use gentle detergents. You want to make sure you know when you’re washing your clothes that the that you’re using all natural detergents and things that don’t irritate the skin. So here’s some things you gotta consider doing.

Hydrogenated Oils:

We talked about hydrogenated oils here. Now, a lot of times these fried or fast foods are cooked up in hydrogenated oils.

So if you’re using oils in your house, like vegetable oil, corn oil, canola oil, cottonseed oil, soybean oil or any type of vegetable oils, get rid of them. Switch over to coconut oil instead as a natural oil or even avocado, oil can be another good option. So avocado oil and coconut oil as your oils.

Food to Eat:

Probiotic Food

High Zinc-Food

Vitamin A Food

Vitamin C Food

High Fiber Food

Clean, Lean Protein Food

Fried and Fast Foods:

Fried and fast foods high in hydrogenated oils are highly inflammatory as well. We want to reduce inflammation through diet and through supplements, which we’ll talk about as well.

Foods to Avoid:

Foods and Carbohydrates

Gluten and Wheat

Fried and Fast Food

Hydrogenated Oil

Conventional Dairy

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Cystic Acne, Black Head and Pimple Treatments
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Cystic Acne, Black Head and Pimple Treatments
The number one villain that will cause acne on your skin is excess sugar and carb consumption. If you're eating potato chips, that's excess carbs, white bread and wheat bread.
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