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About Our Online Store

We Provide 100% Organic and natural cosmetics. We offers high-quality beauty products made with natural ingredients in accordance with the latest developments in cosmetic industry. We have carefully selected the products that combine the best in science with the best in nature. All beauty products in our shop are cruelty-free and made with Eco-friendly ingredients, their production does not harm the environment.

Benefits of Using Our Products

The health benefits of organic food are more based on perception than real facts. However, the sweeping public opinion that organic food is healthier than conventional food is quite strong. Organic food as a healthier alternative comes from environmental groups who don’t want pesticides and fertilizers to do any more damage to the environment they don’t use chemicals, seems like a good way to get the results they want.

Our Special Products

The Farm House Organic Shop offers a wide range of products from food to cosmetics. From dairy to dried fruits and nuts and from essential oils to beauty and skin care. We have one of the largest variety of organic lentils, beans, herbs and spices. An ample variety of assorted pickles, jams, and numerous types of breads are also available. Chicken and mutton are one of our most appreciated items because of the quality. There is a wide variety of seasonal organic vegetable and fruits. We have also recently launched Rose and Aloevera juices that are available at all times. For those who have a sweet tooth we have healthy alternatives like gur shakkar with yogurt. At the Organic Shop, we have desi ghee and different types of seeds like Chia, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Flax and others.